Measle (clanlordmeasle) wrote,

The Adoration of the Magi

I had my first encounter with one of Lok Groton’s greatest unsolved mysteries today… and I got it on visionstone! Our group was in the Kismia’s Island Cove and I took out my visionstone to record the rare and beautiful land ‘toise in its natural environment. As we had just wiped, there didn’t seem like there was anything better to do at the time.

Anyway my focus was soon drawn away from the ‘toise and towards a cloaked figure staring right at me. He was there, then he wasn’t again, like he was flickering in and out of existence. But always I felt that hidden face staring at me from under the hood.

Magi is wondering why the rats have all ignored Sha’askar to eat me instead

Suddenly, the creature gestured, revealing himself not only to be called “Magi” but also male. Amazing what a little hand waving can do. Actually, I’m told a man’s sexual orientation can be determined by whether he waves his hands above or below his shoulders when dancing, but I digress. I felt a tingling sensation and was surrounded by a golden glow that I usually associate with mystic energy. I felt sure I was about to be teleported and started to mumble my goodbyes to my companions. Imagine my surprise when instead of vanishing, I was restored to life! I’m ashamed to say I was so surprised that all I managed to do was swing out and then immediately fall again instead of at least getting Sha’askar to the water which was just a few steps away.

…in the air like he just don’t care

Here’s the visionstone capturing the whole thing. First time on stone! A Puddlebean exclusive! (I think). I did some research on Magi when I got to the library and only found two mentions of him… I’ll quote the exiles involved.

“Magi - Don’t know much about this one” – Ton
“Magi – Who? Where? Why?” - Mjollnir

Hardly enlightening. Both quotes are taken from the dead ends thread in the Sentinel. He intrigues me now though. I still feel that face on me whenever I fall. So, in the hopes of seeing him again, I’m going to fall as often as possible. People I hunt with can attest to this. Maybe I’ll be able to get a word out of him next time. Perhaps I’ll write a tune in his honour to get his attention. (“I ain’t gonna work on Magi’s Farm no more” has a nice ring to it)

It seems strange that we know so little about such a powerful, benevolent force on these islands. He can appear at will like a teleporting mystic and can heal like a… well like a healer. Usually you’d expect such far reaching powers in the hands of our enemies.

Oh, and as for what happened to the land ‘toise I mentioned before, well…

Kirara culls the rare ‘toise “for research purposes only”. The results of the research… they’re delicious!

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